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Jon Hawkes- I started playing music at the age of 11 with the Daventry youth silver band in my hometown in the midlands. I was 1st given a cornet but quickly worked my way down towards the larger instruments via the tenor horn, baritone and then euphonium. At the grand old age of 14 I was elevated to the senior adult band, which was a 1st section contesting band. At 15 I auditioned and gained entry into the Northamptonshire County Youth Brass Band.

On leaving school at 16, I joined the Royal Marines band and started music training in Deal, Kent. Thatís where I started playing tuba, double bass and bass guitar. After 2 Ĺ years training I joined the adult bands and served in the staff band at Deal, then Plymouth and finally moved to Portsmouth where I served in The Royal Band until I left in 2001. During my time in Portsmouth Iíve played lots of amazing gigs around the world and at home including Wembley and the Royal Albert Hall, St Paulís and 10 Downing Street. Also, many dinner engagements for Royalty including Her Majesty The Queen.

Iíve also played in a blues brotherís and commitments function band at the usual weddings, engagements and Bar Mitzvahs. Also as a Jazz trio and quartet in pubs and hotels. Iíve played in brass quartets and Dixie bands and full symphony orchestras. Iíve played on cruise ships and in holiday camps and also in a rock cover band. So as you can see Iím a bit of a musical prostitute!! If they paid me I played it!! He He. This was all very good, but for me it took the fun out of gigging so when I was asked to join a Celtic/folk psychedelic rock band I jumped at the chance.

Musical likes

My musical tastes have evolved of the years probably due to the different types of bands Iíve played in. But my main love has always been rock. Both soft and slightly harder and of course the 70ís glam stuff is great. (As you can tell as I tend to pinch a few licks!)

Favourite Band

Has to be The Cult closely followed by Mr Big and Led Zeppelin.


Donít have much time for these but love riding fast bikes around racetracks.

Favourite Book

The Wasp Factory by Ian Banks (probably Ďcause itís the only book Iíve ever read!!!)

Favourite Quote

If it feels good.. do it Bart Simpson

Star Sign


Favourite Person

Phoenix my daughter of course

Updated 21 September 2015