Steve's Page


Hi my name is Steve Barker

I was born in Southampton in October 1969 (I’ll let you do the maths) and so I am a Scorpio.

I have been banging pots and pans since the age of six and I got my first real kit (a Pearl Export) when I was eleven. I now play a Tama kit with Evans heads, my symbols are mainly Sabian “Evolutions” with a couple of Signature splashes thrown in for good measure. My peddles are Pearl P-lZZTW double bass peddles (I couldn’t get on with the Iron Cobra peddles) and I use Vater “Fusion” Sticks.

My main influence in drumming is Mike Portnoy from Dream Theatre.

My Favourite Music

My musical tastes range from rock to heavy rock to not so heavy rock and my top five favourite bands would have to be:

  • Dream Theatre
  • Lacuno Coil
  • Iron Maiden
  • Stained
  • Puddle of Mud

My Hobbies

I am a martial arts instructor, check out my website at, I also enjoy rock climbing and my ZZR600.


I am a welder fabricator and when I have time off (for good behaviour) from mary Jane, I do session drumming for other bands.

My Favourite People

This has to be my very understanding and loving (creep creep) wife Kathy, my two boys Brandon and Jake and mum (or should I say the baby sitter) and the rest of my family.

My Pets

Unlike Jon (his dog is huge!!! No really, it’s like a bear, if it sat on you, you’d be stuck there for ever…just kidding but he is HUGE!!!) I’ve got small pets: two hamsters and some tropical fish.

Playing in Mary Jane

I like playing in Mary Jane because it is very challenging; there is truly never a dull moment. The songs are fun to play with different time signatures and riffs that make your hair stand on end. Jo’s a really good singer and the rest of the band just click when we play live on stage. Our fans are really supportive and we love getting people up dancing and having fun. So believe me when we are in town, you’d better make sure that you have got your dancing shoes on!