The following pages provides some good quality mp3 samples from Mary Jane's albums past and present. The latest offering is Twa Corbies a song which features on our new album "Eve" released in November 2010 on Talking Elephant records. To buy, click on the Talking Elephant link on the menu or click on the image below.
The first track available from the album Eve is Twa Corbies, a traditional Scottish song arranged by Mary Jane. This originally appeared on a compilation of dark folk entitled John Barleycorn by Cold Spring records.
This sample track The Journey.mp3 comes from our thrid studio album, released in 2002 entitled To the Prettiest one, which was our first release on English Record label 7th Wave. This track is being featured on a 2010 charity cd entitled Songs For Heroes, in support of our servicemen overseas. It features vocals by Irish singer song writer Isabelle Lydon. If anyone wishes to purchse this album, please contact the band by email at:

This sample track Reaping the Rye and the Cliffs of Moher.mp3 comes from our live sessions album Tacit also released in 2002. The album comprises a live electric session recorded at Planet Hellingly in Hailsham and a live acoustic session recorded at Crazy Alien studio. This track is from the acoustic session and is a set of tracitional Irish gigs. If anyone wishes to purchse this album, please contact the band by email at:

The Gates of Silent Memory was Mary Jane's second studio album and in some ways my personal favourite. Perhaps because it was the first time I got involved in production and was able to really influence the sound in the studio. Looking back I didn't always make the "right" decisions sound wise and was occasionally bitten by the reverb monster, but I look back on the whole project with a warm nostalgia and I genuinely love the effects we achieved especially on Twlight Song, presented here for your delectation and delight! TwilightSong.mp3, taken from "The Gates of Silent Memory" available from Greatest Hits Mailorder