Paul's Page


Hello, and welcome to the world of Mary Jane!!

My name is Paul Alan Taylor: guitarist, songwriter, Tarotmancer, Doctor of Philosophy, and the founder of Mary Jane. Ain't life wonderful! When it comes to acoustic guitar, I list my influences as Davy Graham, Bert Jansch & John Renbourn. Their British folk-baroque style of fingerstyle playing is a constant source of wonder and frustration for me, and I love to play this way for solo guitar performances. For electric guitar, Peter Green, Jimmy Page & Eric Clapton are the three rock gods I favour - but only when they wore flares though of course. Donal Lunny's bouzouki playing is amazing. Earl Scruggs's banjo is impossible but transendental. Wonderful musicians all.

Now for the nerdy part - my equipment consists of:

Martin acoustic guitars

Fender & Gibson electric guitars

Taylor 12-string guitar

Fylde bouzouki

Deering 5-string banjo

Orange amplifiers

It's important for me to say thanks to those friends of Mary Jane that have enabled it all to happen - you know who you are!! We couldn't have done it without you!!! name just a token few, and in no particular order: Rustic Rod Goodway (Mail Order Hippy Record Seller Extraordinaire), Crazy Alien genius & Zaney Janey co-conspirator Pete Jardine, Mark Tuckett (for his Buddhist photography!), Goth maiden Katy Cotten, Victoria Amelia Hammond (friend, model and choreographer to drunken Mary Janers!), the blessed St Lucy of Rutherford & the rest of disbanded folk-rockers Arlen for their kindred spirit, Mistress Claire Bowden (for inspirational art & manning the merchandise stall in times of great need!), Langdon (RIP) & Ingrid Shaylor (for their valued tales of life in the space rockin' 60's & 70's), Nic Bradford (techno-tastic producer & Prisoner fanatic), Gordon Earl Clarke (our patient and kind engineer), Caroline Roundhill (occasional muse!), Judy Dyble (gentle first lady of folk & valued correspondent), Roy Harper (for his honest feedback & inspiration), John Renbourn for his generous encouragement, life-saving luthiers Vince Hockey and Brian Hayward, friendly engineer Ade Lunn (RIP), pedal wizard Saxon Dave, multi-instrumentalist & amp-fixer Matt Grover, favourite dancer & mascot Jenni Delve, happy man with a van Alex Gibby, the one and only 'Mary Jane Fairy' Maggie Hawkes, crazy teenage hippy punk & often-wasted singer Jenni Casey, hairy mungo Robin O'Farrell-Bridger, ever-faithful gig-attendee & Lotus driver John (without whom no MJ gig would be complete!) ... and so on! It's impossible to list all those others that have helped & supported us this far, but many, many thanks to you all, named & unnamed, from the bottom of our hearts. I love you. I really do.

In the words of Aleister Crowley: 'Every man and every woman is a star'. Couldn't have said it better myself! KALLISTI.