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MARY JANE are a folk rock band from the South Coast of the United Kingdom. We play an original blend of acoustic & electric folk-rock.

The music is a combination of original songs and & traditional tunes, arranged for an electric five piece band.

Our last electric studio album "Solstice" is currently available from Talking Elephant records.

We have been together since 1995 and are still going strong. We have a fluid line-up as members past and present regularly join us for live gigs and studio work. We get all sorts of gigs coming in from pubs and clubs,  to festivals and private parties. The best place to check for latest gig news and updates from the band is on our FaceBook and Twitter pages where we share gig information, videos taken at live events, gossip and much more.

Mary Jane are always available for hire either as the full elctric 5 piece or as acoustic trio and we can supply our own full PA rig if required. If you want to join the mailing list (or wish to discuss booking the band then email or message us via Facbook. Mary Jane.

You can download Mary Jane "Eve", "Brigit's Daughter" and "Solstice" from iTunes, Mary Jane on iTunes but for those of you with a more retro outlook, click the album images to buy cd's directly from Talking Elephant. Or drop us a line and we can post direct from the band



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Updated 17 August 2017

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